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Quantifying the culture-specific


With its intercultural dimensions, global brand management is not only one of the most fascinating parts of modern marketing but also one of the most complex parts.

Trusights' experienced international team breaks global brand management into serveral comprehensive steps. We give you the tools to build a framework to analyze and identify where you can improve the process of international brand management and increase your international marketing effectiveness and brand equity.


Analizing & Building target audiences

It all started with a plan.

The world’s most successful companies all have one thing in common: powerful brands. Coca-Cola, Google, Walmart, Amazon, Rolls Royce, Ferrari – everybody instantly recognizes these names and what they stand for. 

The fact that there are social and cultural differences between countries is often acknowledged, however, the social, cultural, and lifestyle differences within a country, less so. We have learned through experience that these social-cultural or lifestyle differences within a country are often just as large or even larger than the differences between countries.


Building your route-to-market model

A collaborative approach

How you enter any given market is one of the main deciding factors that will determine your local market success. Together with your local marketing team, and based on market research, we can then create a marketing plan tailored to your market.